Jeppe Hein

A smile for you

This catalogue is published on the occasion of the solo exhibition A smile for you by Jeppe Hein in spring and summer 2013 at Bonniers Konsthall and Wanås Konst, dealing with the theme of happiness.

The universal and at the same time extremely personal meaning of happiness in life, in connection with the possibility to create situations that promote a happy mood somehow, aroused the interest to approach the topic from an artistic point of view and share the diverse perceptions of happiness.

In order to reflect the complexity of the theme, this publication includes a wide range of voices discussing both Jeppe Hein’s artwork and the subject of happiness: including responses to Hein’s five questions about happiness, experiences shared from Berlin, Copenhagen, and Bhutan, art historical texts that offer discussions of Hein’s art and that track happiness as a subject in contemporary art.

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