How to Let an Artist Rifle Through Your Archive

How to Let an Artist Rifle Through Your Archive

Neil Lebeter / Bob & Roberta Smith

This publication highlights an exciting new approach to working with contemporary art and archives. As artist in residence at The New Art Gallery Walsall the artists Bob and Roberta Smith worked with Archive Curator Neil Lebeter to explore and reveal the Epstein Archive housed at the Gallery.

The archive contains important documents relating to the work of the twentieth-century sculptor Jacob Epstein and to the Garman Ryan Collection displayed at the gallery.

The two year project reawakened the Archive, with the artist creating a huge body of over 20 works in response to it, a major exhibition, a permanent display and nearly 40 films.

As well as the story of the project this publication explores the unique collaboration between the Smiths and the archive curator and many similarities between Artist and Curator demonstrating how the two professions can collaborate successfully.

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