Hansjörg Mayer


Hansjörg Mayer is one of the leading exponents of concrete poetry. Hardly an anthology on the genre is published that does not include his work. His alphabets, typoems and typoaktionen are seen as legendary. Yet the whole scope and radicalism of his work with print and type has thus far remained unknown.

For Mayer, the whole print workshop becomes the artistic medium and his playground. He works with broken platen and manipulated machines, with embossing, punching and perforating. Coincidence is the most important ally in his wild typographic art, which has parallels with, among others, Schwitters and Cage.

This volume lays out the astonishing variety of Mayerʼs typographic work in numerous colour illustrations and provides an introduction to its creation and conception with many statements from the artist.

Also available in a three-volume set with FOTO and FILM  (9783863356163  £56.00)

English and Dutch text.

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