Guillaume Bijl

Multiples & Editions

The whole series of ‘Multiples & Editions’ realised by Belgian artist, Guillaume Bijl (b. 1946, Antwerp) corresponds to his installations of a certain period – posters, small compositions, some ‘Sorry’s’ or tableaux vivants.

Often, these multiples were created as an annex of temporary installations, or with the motivation to help non-profit organisations.

Bijl’s multiples (produced in an edition) are perhaps a lesser-known aspect of his oeuvre, yet widely distributed. These banal-looking objects take on a completely different meaning when presented as an edition in an art context.

Bijl is best known for transforming galleries and museums into prosaic and recognisable commercial or entertainment environments such as a carpet shop, a supermarket or TV quiz decor. He also designs posters and artist’s books in the context of his projects and exhibitions.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, ‘Guillaume Bijl: Multiples & Editions’ at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (29 January – 14 February 2021).

English and Dutch text.

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