Georg Baselitz

Collected Writings and Interviews

‘I paint, and it’s not easy – with that I’ve done everything. You shouldn’t reach too far.’ – Georg Baselitz (1963)

This anthology brings together over 25 pieces of writing by, and interviews with, the German painter, Georg Baselitz.

Known for his rebellious approach to Abstract Expressionism, here Baselitz’s discusses the impression his paintings convey, the act of painting, his biography and much more.

The artist’s own writings cover topics as varied as his first trip abroad to other painters that he considers to be ‘great’.

The texts shift between these personal pieces – most of which have never been published before – to interviews with Baselitz and a variety of critics and art historians.

These conversations present a different voice as he responds to careful and critical questions about his work. Many of the writings and interviews are available in English for the first time.

A unique perspective on Georg Baselitz, this collection offers a personal insight on the artist and his relationship to painting.

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