Geoffrey Farmer

This volume constitutes an in-depth critical engagement with the work of Canadian artist Geoffrey Farmer on the occasion of his first extensive solo-exhibition in Europe. Over the past decade, Farmer has developed a performative and narrative approach to installation, combining video, drawing and improvisatory sculptural means.

The works evolve over the course of an exhibition or transform drastically from one exhibition site to another, lending great instability to the very notion of what both an artwork and an exhibition might be. Mining rich territories of literature, art history, popular culture and the phenomenology of ubiquitous objects, Farmer’s work presents a unique occasion to reflect on fundamental questions about art, culture and value.

Included are essays by critic Diedrich Diedrichsen, curator and writer Thierry Davila, and critic and curator Vanessa Desclaux, together with a candid conversation about his practice to date between Farmer and Witte de With Assistant Curator, Zoë Gray.

This will be the fifth in an ongoing series of Source Books produced by Witte de With Publishers.

English text.

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