Ezra Petronio / Suzanne Koller

Selected Works, Subjective Inventory

The work presented in this book is an organic gathering, collected over the last 14 years from both Work in Progress and Self Service magazine, a deliberate yet subjective journey into the very essence of Ezra Petronio and Suzanne Koller’s undiluted stylistic world. The selection of work wasn’t a conscious search for an absolute or quintessential representation, but ultimately about the importance of their creative experience.

‘This book is about representing a personal and intimate creative process, that usually happens behind the scenes. It was through these productive dialogues in which very often meaning and medium were questioned, when individual perception was juxtaposed with conventional patterns and habits of vision, that their creative inspiration was triggered, enabling us to produce our most personal and meaningful work. Taken out of context, the work is presented here from different perspectives and points of view. Printed campaigns as well as the same images uncropped – as seen through the lens of the photographers – unpublished images, design, research, or prototypes are opposed to finalized projects as seen in the public arena, such as on billboards or store windows. (Ezra Petronio and Suzanne Koller)

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