Evan Penny

Evan Penny

Re Figured

Evan Penny makes the kind of sculpture that is so realistic, so detailed and so obviously a display of skill that it literally stops people in their tracks.

But this alone isn’t why the artist’s work grabs a viewer, holds onto their gaze and then begins to choreograph their movements around the solid objects he has planted in their space.

Penny’s standing nude figures and portrait heads invite you to stare, to examine every wrinkle, bump, fleshy imperfection and intimate crevasse.

Penny’s lifelike figures, modelled with great craftsmanship out of aluminium, silicone, epoxy resin and pigments, have a physical, highly sensuous presence.

Nevertheless, they seem artificial. The work reflects on how the human image is presented by modern technologies such as photography, electronic image editing, offset printing and 3D scanning.

English, German and Italian text.

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