Ernst Caramelle

A Résumé

The exhibition catalogue presents the continuous cross-references between media works (photos, videos, reproductions), wall paintings, the artist’s ‘Gesso Pieces’, drawings, watercolours, the ‘light works,’ and prints.

Looking at these cross-references allows us to understand the artist’s complex and rich concepts and images.

Abstraction and symbolic figuration, including expressive floral formlessness, permanently interact in Caramelle’s work.

A Résumé will address the themes of artistic productivity, the role of the artist, his involvement in the market and the museum, and negotiations between institutions and artists. This involves pictorial wit, slapstick, diagrammatic forms, pataphysical strategies, comic-like elements, and linguistic quasiaphorisms with nonsensical undertones.

This is the English edition of this text.

Accompanies the exhibition ‘Ernst Caramelle: A Résumé’ 30 Nov 2018 – 28 Apr 2019, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Luwig Wein (mumok), Wien.

Co-published with mumok

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