Dumas Roosen Van Warmerdam

At the Venice Biennale in 1995, the Dutch pavilion housed a joint, thematic presentation of paintings, sculptures and films by Marlene Dumas, Maria Roosen and Marijke van Warmerdam. They showed recent and new work made especially for Venice.

Dumas, Roosen and Van Warmerdam, despite their different approaches, complement one another in the theme: the image of the “intermediate body.” By that token the presentation fell into line with the central theme chosen by the directors of the 46th Venice Biennale: ‘Image versus Icon’, a combination of a variety of exhibitions which examined the fast-changing representation of human identity. The exhibition was conceived around Rietveld’s arrangement of the pavilion into three more or less separate rooms: a gallery opposite the entrance, occupying the entire width of the building, and two smaller rooms, each filling approximately a quarter of the space.

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