David Shrigley

Worried Noodles

The second edition of this popular title now includes 39 exclusive songs by musicians/bands such as David Byrne, Final Fantasy, Franz Ferdinand, Grizzly Bear, Hot Chip, Islands, Liars, Scout Niblett, Trans Am, Yacht, Marriot 1262 (TV on the Radio), Aidan Moffat (ex-Arab Strap), Final Fantasy, Grizzly Bear and many more.

The original Worried Noodles songbook reveals a never-ending curiosity; the lyrics are simple poetry, ironic, yet somehow honest, and insistently inciting. That first edition found a slew of new admirers of David Shrigley’s work in pop music circles, wherein the idea of adapting these songs to music was recognised as something that needed to happen.

In collaboration with David Shrigley, Tomlab gathered together a diverse selection of musicians and bands to receive a copy of the book. All of the participating artists wished to join the collaboration and delivered their stellar songcraft! All exclusives!

David Shrigley was born in 1968. He lives and works in Glasgow.

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