Cedric Price


The time-based interventions of radical British architect Cedric Price (1934–2003) earned him legendary status among artists and architects alike. This publication provides a unique insight into the preoccupations of one of Britain’s leading architects and thinkers

In 2004 Eleanor Bron and Samantha Hardingham set about locating and cataloguing each title from Cedric Price’s personal library. What has emerged is a map of Price’s thought processes and imagination – a set of both strategic and unruly co-ordinates for the projects that emerged from his office.

Bron and Hardingham, in keeping with the coding system of Cedric Price Architects, have created an annotated catalogue with symbols and codes referring to possible categories in which to place each book. However, space is left for the reader to add notes and annotations and the utilitarian nature of the publication – offered as a self-assembly kit – allows readers to assemble it as they wish and create their own map from the catalogue. A4 size, the pages fit into any binding system

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