Carlos Amorales

Spider Web Negative

This catalogue was published to coincide with the first solo exhibition in the UK by the Mexican artist Carlos Amorales featuring new and recent work comprising video, installation, drawing and animation. Amorales draws on his ongoing fascination with the fictitious and the real, as explored in his evolving ‘liquid archive’. This comprises an inventory of over 400 digital ‘drawings’ of appropriated images and intimate memories.

The ambiguous images range from the personal to the political, including a favourite childhood toy to a crumpled poster of Osama bin Laden and have informed much of Amorales’ oeuvre, where ravens, skulls, shattered glass and dark silhouetted figures morph into infinite configurations that become the means of collaboration with other practitioners; animators, musicians, and composers. The archive has been transformed numerous times and remains in a constant state of flux, questioning the notion of originality.

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