Boris Groys / Andro Wekua

Wait to Wait

An ‘unequal’ pair from the ranks of philosophy and contemporary art were brought to the table for debate.

The celebrated Russian philosopher Boris Groys, and the young international artist from Georgia, Andro Wekua, discussed their shared experiences in the Soviet system, the conditions governing production in contemporary art today, and the sensitivities of a generation of artists born in the 1970s, taking Wekua’s two large installations Wait to Wait and Get Out of my Room as examples.

Phenomena such as loneliness, doubles, repetitions, mirror images, and waiting are the central themes of this conversation, illustrated by pictures of the two installations and several collages by Wekua.

Published with Peter Kilchmann Galerie, Zurich, the publication is part of the Christoph Keller Editions series.

English and German text.

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