Jani Ruscica

Appendix is an artist book developed in collaboration between Finnish artist Jani Ruscica and CIRCA Projects. Noted as an appendix to Ruscica’s major new project, ‘Conversation in Pieces’, the book features a specially commissioned text by Madrid-based curator Manuel Segade, ‘A Deviant Script Written to Be Read As a Text to Come On Jani Ruscica’, printed in both English and Spanish and typeset in a specially created anthropomorphic typeface.

Conversation in Pieces is a fragmentary collection of works. Like a sprawling inconclusive conversation it is an ensemble of film, live performances, musical compositions, texts and sculptural objects.

Consistent with Ruscica’s practice to date the project explores the intersections between cinema, video art, sculpture, theatre and performance, focusing on posing questions related to cultural and pictorial representation. Drawing from a myriad of sources; historical, scientific, cultural and political, his works are characterized by the juxtaposition of seemingly disparate elements that trigger unexpected, multilayered meanings.

English and Spanish text.

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