Anthony McCall

1970s Works on Paper

Since the early 1970s, British artist, Anthony McCall has been working with projected light.

His ‘solid-light’ installations occupy a space between line-drawing, cinema, and sculpture: fundamentally graphic, they are realised through the media of film or digital projection, and the effect created is that of large-scale, three-dimensional sculptures composed of shifting membranes of light.

Viewing becomes an active process of moving around and through the projected object, exploring it from different points of view.

Along with working drawings for the Vertical Works shown at Ambika P3, Works on Paper includes drawings from the last 40 years of McCall’s career, and showcases key works such as Landscape for Fire (1972) and Five- Minute Drawing (1974).

This publication is the definitive monograph on this body of work by Anthony McCall.

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