Andrew Jackson

From a Small Island

‘No-one on that ship…thought we’d be leaving home forever, but when my father hugged me on the dockside, for some reason, I knew I’d never see him again as I had never seen him cry before. I still see my father; you know, in my mind at least…after all these years… but I can’t see his face. No matter how hard I try…I never see his face.’ Amy Jackson

The words above, from the artist’s mother, describe how the effects of her 1956 migration from Jamaica to Britain have been long lasting and painful.

Jackson takes a brave step, with this new series of photographic works, taking the intimacy of his parents’ story of migration as a starting point and examining, across ensuing generations, the impact of changing geography upon one’s psychological spaces.

Engaging the unresolved trauma of never again seeing family and home, he draws connections to history, space and notions of belonging amongst those people who left Jamaica forever to journey to the UK.

Published alongside an exhibition at MAC Birmingham (5 May – 8 July 2018).

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