Andrea Fraser

Collected Interviews 1990–2018

Wow! Three decades of interviews with the eminent American artist who has taken Institutional Critique to new levels. Over 500 pages for £30! Staff Pick

This publication is a substantial archive and a singular point of entry into thinking with and understanding Andrea Fraser’s work and reception.

The interview format provides intimate insight into Fraser’s self-positioning as a central aspect of her practice.

By presenting the artist’s voice as mediated through interlocutors ranging from professional peers to popular media, Collected Interviews 1990–2018 uniquely contextualises Fraser’s practice in the artistic, institutional, and discursive fields in which she intervenes.

As Fraser is engaged, challenged, and understood from diverse perspectives, readers learn as much about her artistic commitments from the artist’s humour and affect as from her incisive analyses.

The collection spans three decades, from the early 1990s to the present, and is organised chronologically with minimal editing.

The collection’s unmediated format allows Fraser’s key ideas and themes to attain deeper resonance through repetitions and subtle differentiations over multiple conversations.

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