Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich

Panacea: the art of wellbeing

This is one of the volumes of Panacea: the art of wellbeing – an evolving, expandable and traveling artwork designed to function as a universal formula to cure social, economic and political problems.

Devised and developed by the artists Michael Pinsky, Zoë Walker and Neil Bromwich, it strikes a fine balance between naïve optimism and ironic critique – a humorous and thought-provoking comment on society’s increasing demands upon the artist as ‘social reformer, economic revitaliser and catalyst for all things good’.

This monograph concentrates on the work of Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich. With the other two volumes, thoroughly documents all the new works made thoughout the project, including discussion and debate.

Also available as part of the 3 volume set: Panacea: the art of wellbeing 9780854328628 £19.95.

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