Zebras, Blanks and Blobs

Fabienne Hess

In Zebras, Blanks and Blobs, Swiss born artist Fabienne Hess explores our relationship with images, and how we understand them in a post digital world. There are more images demanding our attention than ever before.

Acting in the world and surfing the Internet, we are bombarded with more visual material than we can ever hope to read, to understand or to fully digest. Hess’ project is a meditation on how this new image-rich environment is changing the way we see, and understand, our world.

Hess presents us with 13 ‘collections’ made with over 1,000 images from the University of Edinburgh’s digitised archive. These images are grouped by formal criteria that are at once inspiring, evocative and amusing. The work will be on show at the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 11 Feb – 6 May 2017.

With essays from Stuart Fallon (Curator, Talbot Rice Gallery) and Neil Lebeter (Art Collections Curator at the University of Edinburgh), Zebras, Blanks and Blobs is a playful look at the changing way we navigate our new visual reality.

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