You Know Where I’m At And I Know Where You’re At

Gary Hill & Martin Cothren

An encounter between Gary Hill and Martin Cothren, an Amerindian from the Yakama reserve, whom the artist met while working for his 1996 installation ‘Viewer’.

“While searching for subjects for his installation ‘Viewer’ (1996), a happenstantial encounter between the artist Gary Hill, a white middle class Californian and Martin Cothren, a Yakama Native American, morphed into an ambivalent friendship of otherness—a twenty-year saga encompassing frustration, paranoia, generosity, forgiveness and deep sorrow. Perhaps the meaningfulness of their connection is an unspoken one. Nevertheless, the encounter herein becomes a non-linear play with living memory constructing a fluctuating space of drawings and hand written letters intercut with prose in which these two particular human beings continue to manifest kinship.” – Gary Hill

The design and layout of this book has been realised by Gary Hill.

This title is part of the Dis Voir, Encounters Series. The idea behind the series, devoted to contemporary art, is to allow an artist decide which subjects he or she wants to discuss in the book.

Each artist’s book therefore offers a specific experience in terms of content. In accordance with this principle, each artist chooses a person with whom he or she would like to share this exchange due to certain elective affinities.

What is the idea behind this meeting? At the very least to have these works serve, in a certain way, as an artistic and political laboratory of the present.

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