Yann Gross


As Joël Vacheron comments, Yann Gross’ project could be compared to David Lynch’s The Straight Story: based on a real event, it relates the journey of a retired man driving miles on a miniature tractor to get to his dying brother’s bedside.

For Lynch, this vague parody of the road movie genre was a means to sketch a humanist portrait of eccentric trajectories and of the suburbia of the American Dream.

Lynch’s praise for slow motion inspired Yann Gross’ discovery of the Rhone Valley and its surroundings.

Through his patient exploration, Gross is able to approach marginal modes of existence, and produce a gaze that emphasizes elusive details that go unnoticed to the hasty viewer.

Horizonville thus appears as a meticulous photographic investigation, an out-of-sync road movie that touches on the symbolic re-appropriation of a geographical site, the construction of an imaginary community as much as the re-reading of a cinematographic genre and its superseded codes.

English and French text.

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