Karen Ingham Wonder Chamber

Wonder Chamber

Karen Ingham

Karen Ingham is an artist with a keen interest in the natural sciences and how scientific ideas and processes inform contemporary image making. Wonder Chamber brings together various bodies of work produced by Ingham over the last decade in the form of ‘an imaginary museum with its interconnected spaces for the display of seemingly disparate and eclectic objects and artefacts’.

A key element of Ingham’s practice is to play on and subvert the way objects are collected, archived and displayed in science museums, putting them in the service of contemporary art.

Engaging with science, playfully mimicking and reconstructing its ideas and methods, the artist sheds light on the complex process of technical, biological and cultural formation that both shapes our futures, and defines human experience.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Karen Ingham: Wonder Chamber at Ffotogallery, Cardiff, 10 March – 14 April 2012.

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