Katie Cuddon Without a Sentence

Katie Cuddon

Without a Sentence Without a Name

Without a Sentence Without a Name presents new work by Katie Cuddon together with a selection of poems and short stories by Lydia Davis, Russell Edson, Martha Ronk and Diane Williams.

The relationship between Cuddon’s gouache clay sculptures with their distinctively fingered surface, her inscrutable drawings/collages and the work of these writers is explored in a vivid and impressionistic essay by artist and writer, Elizabeth Manchester.

Disrupted by different voices and dramatic shifts in syntax, Manchester’s essay teases out the close associations between Cuddon’s work and language/text; their mutual alliance and denial.

What we learn about Cuddon’s beguiling creations is that if we must ascribe definitions, this work is to understand what is fickle, irrational, and illogical about human consciousness, thought, and behaviour.

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