Winter Family

No World (+CD)

No World is an original piece in an audio book composed from daily images, sounds and texts collected through the Internet, songs, poems, interviews and field recordings created by Winter Family between 2011 and 2014 while living between Paris and in the Caribbean neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, NYC.

Inspired by the concept ‘iconography & circulation’ of the geographer Jean Gottmann, Winter Family make a raw close up on the everyday banalities and want to share this rather new and particular form of well-being and addictive embarrassment that we all experience within the greatest common denominator.

Winter Family is a weird wave music duo composed by Ruth Rosenthal & Xavier Klaine living in Tel-Aviv. They’ve published several albums on the labels Sub Rosa, Alt.Vinyl and Ici D’aileurs. They’ve played and recorded in clubs, galleries, museums and churches around the world since 2004 and have created documentary theatre performances in Centquatre / Paris and The Vidy Lausanne Theatre.

Winter Family collaborated with the artist Yochai David Matos for this book.

This title is part of the Dis Voir ZagZig Series and includes a CD.

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