Win McCarthy

Common Ruin

The first publication on American artist Win McCarthy.

In his work, McCarthy explores the dialectical relationships between subjects like city and citizen, friend and the stranger, and present and past.

McCarthy’s work often testifies to the paradoxical emptiness experienced in a metropolis.

Taking the city’s map as a metaphysical topography, the confluence of real estate, architecture, and urban planning become vocabulary for the construction of a self.

Besides working with photography and text, McCarthy makes associative installations.

His works appear to be images from memories, meeting viewers with a torrent of different emotions, ranging from amusement and admiration to aversion and fear.

The exhibition ‘Win McCarthy: Innenportrait’ at KW Berlin focuses on a collision between opticality and intellect and is the artist’s first institutional solo exhibition.

If subjectivity has been pivotal in McCarthy’s previous work, its main juncture has been at how the self struggles to find reconciliation with the phenomenological and ontological: where the ‘I’ ends, is where the world begins.

Co-published with KW Berlin.

Accompanies the exhibition Win McCarthy: Innenportrait’, 25 Feb – 14 May 2023, KW Institue for Contemporary Art, Berlin.

Win McCarthy was born in 1986, USA. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

The artist is represented by Galerie Neu, Berlin.

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