William Hunt

Tempting Fate By Swimming Alone

British artist William Hunt investigates the position and the potential of the body under artificial constraints. He draws upon (and questions) contemporary male and female stereotypes, the cult of youth and beauty, and connects these to the iconography of pop culture.

Hunt’s performances have their roots in art historical traditions – most of all ‘body’ art and ‘pop’ art – but operate consciously within contemporary culture. His endurance-based performances have involved a degree of musical showmanship, played out under some situation of physical duress; such as hanging upside down, spinning on a turntable, or singing under water.

In his new work, Hunt continues to pursue the spirit of adventure with a self-depreciating and ironic look at vanity and ageing. This work takes the form of a multidisciplinary and multifunctional installation in his most recent solo show at Witte de With, Centre for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, September – October 2008.

This special artist’s edition publication (designed by Atelier Bernau Carvalho), accompanies Hunt’s exhibition and transforms from a book into a fold-out poster.

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