What’s Wrong with this Picture

Life or Architecture?

Writing Architecture by Roger Connah, published in 1989 by Rakennustieto, explored possible and impossible critical scenarios on the Finnish architect Reima Pietilä.

In 2013 Connah wrote a text called The Cover of Writing Architecture. He began to think of Reima Pietilä again and their two decade journey together. How often had this architect been misunderstood? Why did he have to struggle so hard to be taken seriously?

At the same time, listening to an album called What’s Wrong with this Picture? the words of Van Morrison jumped out: What’s wrong with this picture?/It’s only hanging on the wall. /Why don’t we take it down and/Just forget about it ‘cos that ain’t me at all. Reima Pietilä (1923–1993) remains a national enigma, a most inconvenient but irresistible Finn.

This book is a critical celebration of architect and thinker, a book on an architect, on architecture, on life and dark optimism.

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