Continuum and Cut – The Dusseldorf Wehrhahn Line – A Synthesis of the Arts

The Wehrhahn Line is a subway line in the very heart of Düsseldorf that was developed on the basis of intense cooperation between architects, artists, engineers and the municipal authorities from the very outset. It is widely recognized as constituting a new model for collaborative construction.

What was implemented was a holistic concept of a subway tunnel as an ‘underground spatial continuum’ that writhes like a giant snake through the earth, widening at the stations.

The entrances to the six new stations are unique and spectacularly designed cuts in this Continuum – picturesque, sculptural, interactive, acoustic, interstellar and geometric interventions that are inseparable from the shell geometries of the construction.

Düsseldorf realizes a unique spatial experiment: Art and architecture as the stimulus for urban and suburban mobility’ (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

‘The new metro represents a rare moment when people who never usually interact – city bureaucrats, engineers, architects and artists – create something bigger than themselves’ (The Guardian)

‘Art and magic in a German metro’ (The New York Times)

Accompanies the opening of the Wehrhahn-Linie Düsseldorf in February 2016; and the exhibition, Continuum and Cut – The Dusseldorf Wehrhahn Line – A Synthesis of the Arts, April – June, 2016, at the Aedes Architecture Forum, Berlin.

English and German text.


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