Villa Frankenstein Volume 1: Close Looking

The Journal of the British Pavilion, 12th International Architecture Exhibition

This is the first volume of a two-part publication exploring the themes of Villa Frankenstein, the British Pavilion contribution to the 12th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

Commissioned by the British Council, artistic director muf architecture/art LLP challenged all assumptions by opening up the British Pavilion to everyone from scientists to children in the city.

Under the loose banner of ‘two-way traffic between Britain and Venice’, muf brought together a rich gamut of collaborators; rare notebooks by John Ruskin, previously unseen photographs of Venice by a resident amateur photographer, and an important scientific study of the Venetian lagoon.

Volume 1: CLOSE LOOKING (9780863556463) £8.50

A rich collection of essays and images addressing the context of the British Pavilion exhibition in Venice.

Volume 2: LA LAGUNA DI VENEZIA (9780863556470) £8.50

This volume takes a closer look at the Venice Lagoon and the issues surrounding it.

Both volumes can be purchased together for £14.50 – see separate entry.

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