Time and Countertime

In over four decades of artistic practice, VALIE EXPORT, one of the most important avant-garde video artists, has realised a large œuvre including performance, photography, film, and media installations.

Now, after numerous catalogues and academic examinations, comes this classic monograph, which is sure to be the standard work for several years to come.

This publication presents EXPORT’s newer and newest works, complemented by a concentrated selection of earlier work to enable a comprehensive analysis of the artist’s œuvre.

Through her work, EXPORT searches for identity, for the relationship between body and psyche, the threat to humankind and its character and not least for the process of seeing itself.

Rigorous and engaged, the artist tackles existential questions on social and political themes.

EXPORT is both celebrated and vehemently criticised, particularly for her feminist orientation and her tireless struggle for equal rights and the gender-neutral evaluation of media themes.

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