URXX Nos. 1–9

Nine Workbooks, 2010–2014

Activist art has come to signify a particular emphasis on appropriated aesthetic forms whose political content does the work of both cultural analysis and cultural action. The art collaboration Ultra-red propose a political-aesthetic project that reverses this model.

In the worlds of sound art and modern electronic music, Ultra-red pursue a fragile but dynamic exchange between art and political organizing. Founded in 1994 by two AIDS activists, Ultra-red have over the years expanded to include artists, researchers and organisers from different social movements including the struggles of migration, anti-racism, participatory community development, and the politics of HIV/AIDS.

Collectively, the group have produced radio broadcasts, performances, recordings, installations, texts and public space actions. Exploring acoustic space as enunciative of social relations, Ultra-red take up the acoustic mapping of contested spaces and histories utilising sound-based research (termed Militant Sound Investigations) that directly engage the organizing and analyses of political struggles.

This ‘curriculum’ boxset compiles nine workbooks for ‘militant sound research’ assembled between 2010 and 2014. The workbooks range from short-term inquiries, to long-term investigations drawing on years of work embedded in specific movements. Also included is a DVD containing an archive of media intended to generate further research.

Limited edition of 500.

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