Georgina Starr


British artist Georgina Starr produced a major new work entitled Tuberama especially for the launch of Ikon Gallery’s new building that opened earlier this year. The subject of much critical acclaim, Tuberama has been described as “a contemporary musical devised for the gallery”.

This CD of the soundtrack means that even though the show has ended, Tuberama lives on. Although part of a whole exhibition featuring animation, a model tube train and walk-in listening booths, this CD is hugely enjoyable in its own right.

Tuberama gives us the musical version of Georgina’s own personal Northern Line taking her on a trip to the fantastic. Gordon Ross, Joby Talbot (from Divine Comedy), Daniel Robinson and David Benke all collaborated with the artist to create the unique Starvision sound.

When the tube train breaks down somewhere outside Edgware its passengers are whisked off on a journey into the unknown, with each character bursting into a melodic version of their lives. However, everything is thrown into turmoil when they arrive in the mysterious town of Dopplestat.

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