Thomas Schütte

United Enemies


Thomas Schütte works in a wide variety of styles and formats range from monumental sculpture, installations and architectural models, to drawings, watercolours and prints.

Thomas Schütte: United Enemies takes the artistʼs sculptural works from the past two decades as its starting point.

The heavy bronze giants in United Enemies (2011), originate in small hastily sculptured figures with heads of modelling clay, created almost twenty years earlier.

The book is richly illustrated and presents the sculptures, along with a selection of the artistʼs works on paper and architectural models.

In his works he explores transformations of scale, and the intimate and personal is juxtaposed with the monumental and authoritarian.

The main essay by Bente Larsen, Professor in Art History at the University of Oslo, focuses on the fragmented body and how this aesthetical and philosophical concept relates to Thomas Schütteʼs work.

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