Thomas Schütte

Early Work

In contrast with his later work, Thomas Schütte’s early work was light-weight and variable in dimension. Using the techniques of both traditional stage design and of contemporary conceptual art, he deployed multiple components – wallpapers, bricks, tiles and rings – across the wall’s surface. The resulting works have great charm, using minimal means to effect change.

Alongside these illusory facades, Schütte used other classic decorative techniques – such as pairing, grouping and arranging – to question the nature of art and illusion.

This picture book uses a range of material – much of it unpublished – from the artist’s own archives, to illustrate the progress he followed c.1975 – 1980 and throws light on the exhibited works.

Published to accompany the exhibition Fake/Function: Thomas Schütte – Early Work at the Henry Moore Institute, September 2007 – January 2008.

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