Thomas Scheibitz

About 90 Elements

Thomas Scheibitz sees painting and sculpture as two equally matched media that complement and represent one another. Scheibitz’s paintings, works on paper and sculptures document his unbroken fascination with the abstract character of shapes and his exploration of the very limits of recognisable imagery.

The pictorial archive, presented in this publication, was compiled by Scheibitz from a variety of sources over a period of years and permits us to draw conclusions about his artistic methods. He has selected his painterly and sculptural themes from a vast range of heterogeneous pictures found in newspapers, magazines, films and cartoons as well as our collective memory. Quite often it seems that the typology of shapes has been robbed of any clear meaning, even to the point where shapes are no longer legible.

Included is an interview between Thomas Scheibitz and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist.

English and German text.

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