Thomas Demand

Daily Flower Report

For the past nine years, the artist has been living by the beach in Los Angeles and working from a studio in the centre of the city. For a year, every day Thomas Demand photographed a flower and posted it on

There have been nearly 600 Daily Flower Reports to date; in a year-long project, each image has been posted for a day to be replaced by a new bloom. This is the story of the daily dispatch in full bloom from California.

It’s winter in Los Angeles and there’s a drought. Even so, everything’s in bloom. A violet bougainvillea vine snakes its way up a cracked stucco wall in Culver City. A clutch of peacocky pink roses poke through the slats of a white picket fence of a bungalow near Venice Beach. None of it goes unnoticed. Thomas Demand snaps a quick picture of a different flower each day with his iPhone, dispatches it and keeps walking. ’Til tomorrow.

‘I couldn’t make the Daily Flower Reports in Germany, because from September to March there wouldn’t be a single flower anywhere. Here, you have the flowers that haven’t blossomed yet, the flowers that have lost their petals, the flowers fallen on the ground after they’ve bloomed. You have all these different aspects of how a flower behaves: the rotten flower, the cut-off flower. You might just kind of go by, but if you don’t look at this one, there’s one next to it that looks even better. Over time, I started wondering whether I could get a small formal idea out of them, and enough variation to justify another one.’ Thomas Demand.

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