Theory of Multidreams

A Cosmic-Dream Investigation by H.P. Lovecraft

Theory of Multidreams (a cosmic-dream investigation by H.P. Lovecraft), written by author and poet Jean-Philippe Cazier, is a work of fiction loosely inspired by astrophysicist Aurelien Barrau’s work on Multiverses and Lovecraft’s work. As such, the book entwines astrophysics and fantasy literature through fiction, deconstructing the framework of narration, logic, identity, space and time.

The narrative takes off from a point of one of its character’s mysterious disappearance, developing a kaleidoscopic narrative in which identities proliferate, when dreams become the means for travel through space and time, wherein Lovecraft himself possibly becomes one of the characters. A troubling voyage where science and literature join up to create a paradoxical universe that is nonetheless real, or was it merely dreamed? And yet, who said dreams weren’t reality?

Illustrated by Andreas Marchal. Translated from French by Jeffrey Zuckerman.

In the Dis Voir series, Illustrated Tales For Adults.  See also The Adventures of Percival and The Man Who Refused to Die.

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