The Value of Freedom / Der Wert der Freiheit

With its overlapping themes and cross-references, the publication weaves a tapestry of inter-dependencies and reciprocal influences between the individual and society, democracy and the economy, work and leisure, body and mind, nature and culture.

Freedom is always relative to other factors and so has to be constantly renegotiated. For instance, one part of the exhibition at Belvedere 21 looks at different forms of state governance that shape the community, while another area addresses the control of information as a crucial instrument of power.

Some of the works highlight the fragility of freedom, while others explore identity-defining processes such as work.

The public space is also the subject of some of the works. All in all, what emerges clearly is that the autonomy of the individual invariably goes hand in hand with social responsibility.

With works by over 20 artists including Dara Birnbaum, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Harun Farocki, Forensic Oceanography, Eva Grubinger, Laibach, and Teresa Margolles among others.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, The Value of Freedom at Belvdere 21, Vienna (19 September 2018 – 10 February 2019).

English and German text.

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