Published on the occasion of the exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery (9 July – 12 September 2010) this catalogue presents the work of Giorgio Sadotti, a London-based artist who emerged in the early 1990s, alongside artists including Liam Gillick and Paul Noble.

Working with sound, performance, collage and photography, the artist plays with language and identity by inserting found objects and images into pre-determined systems that provoke unexpected outcomes and ambiguous meanings.

The nonsensical title THE THE THINGS IS (FOR 3) signposts the artist’s tendency to favour rhythmical, sensory and lyrical qualities over conventional meaning.

In fact, the artist revels in the gap between a word and its meaning or an object and its function.

The deliberate absence of the artist’s name from the exhibition and all related material is intended to engage visitors in a guessing game and to encourage them to put their own stamp on the work.

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