The Persons cover

The Persons

Peter Jaeger

The Persons is a scrapbook of found texts which have been clipped, archived, sorted for their parallel grammatical structure, and then rearranged so that no two consecutive sentences come from the same source.

Peter Jaeger’s life, here, is thus written through the words of others: those protagonists who animated his imagination and left their traces in the newspapers, emails, diaries, books (from literature to philosophy), and all the countless ephemera with which the externalized inner drama of our lives plays out.

Peter Jaeger is a Canadian poet, literary critic and text-based artist now living in the UK. His published work includes the books Eckhart Cars (2004), Prop (2007), and Rapid Eye Movement (2009). He currently teaches poetry and literary theory at Roehampton University in London, and lives in rural Somerset with his family.

The Persons extends the necessary citicism of the world inside a celebration of life.’ Allen Fisher

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