The Peripatetic School

The Peripatetic School

Itinerant Drawing from Latin America

The Peripatetic School features eight artists from across Latin America – Brigida Baltar, Jose Tony Cruz, Andre Komatsu, Mateo Lopez, Jorge Macchi, Gilda Mantilla and Raimond Chaves, Nicolas Paris, Ishmael Randall Weeks – who journey out of the studio, into the neighbourhood, the city, the territory or continent beyond. For these artists, drawing travels off the page and into the environment itself.

The individual bodies of work destabilise assumptions about the continent. They present instead individual testaments to the extraordinary heterogeneity of its people, culture, languages, cities and landscape. Not only do the artists explore the world at large, but they simultaneously examine the parameters of drawing, often using unconventional materials or strategies.

For these artists drawing – traditionally the most portable medium – becomes a focus of expanded practices that engage with the landscape and culture as a subject and source for exploration, as well as philosophical speculation. These artists seek to blur the traditional boundaries between medias; work on paper becomes sculptural object and simple line drawing becomes video animation.

Published in association with the Drawing Room.

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