The Landing Strip

Kader Attia

French Algerian artist Kader Attia has often focused his work on marginalised communities or people living on the periphery of society – whether LGBTQ, illegal immigrants, or the mentally or physically disabled.

His photographic series, La Piste d’atterrissage (The Landing Strip) (2000–2002) offers psychologically complex and astonishingly intimate portraits of a community of transgender Algerian prostitutes in Paris, many of whom were illegal immigrants.

The artist developed close relationships with members of this community whilst assisting them in their efforts to gain legal residence in France, and his photographs portray the full spectrum of their existence, from precarious work lives to everyday domestic life and moments of personal happiness.

Includes a text by Tarek El-Ariss, Associate Professor and chair of Middle Eastern Studies, Dartmouth University.

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