The House In The Woods

Five Contemporary German Sculptors

With a specially commissioned contemporary fairytale by Janice Galloway, and essays about the artists, myth and fairytale in German Art, and the importance of the forest in German culture by Angela Kingston, Colin Bailey, and Andrew Patrizio

This beautifully produced book features work by five of Germany’s most internationally successful sculptors: Stephan Balkenhol, Martin Honert, Mariele Neudecker, Thomas Schütte and Wiebke Siem.

Their works, which resonate with the power of objects remembered from childhood fears and fairy tales, are bound together by an absorbing simplicity: a surface accessibility which belies their knowing innocence and vitality.

Arguably the most influential German sculptor of his generation, Stephan Balkenhol creates wooden sculptures that are poised tantalisingly between traditional portraiture and more generic depiction.

Martin Honert’s work seems to suggest a mature descent into a childlike state where the real is fantastic and usually magnified.

Mariele Neudecker makes model maps and dioramas representing a play between factual and fictional landscapes.

Thomas Schütte’s acutely observed work explores themes of guilt and innocence and good and evil.

Wiebke Siem’s collections of exquisitely made objects relate to toys, clothing and other items of intimate use.

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