The Artist and the Academy

Issues in Fine Art and the Wider Cultural Context

This book explores issues relating to contemporary fine art education. Whilst it reflects on concerns of a specialist academic nature, it also offers wider perspectives on the foundations of fine art production. An examination of the pedagogic ideals and structures by which the higher education system attempts to underpin the activities of professional artists can be seen as fundamental to our understanding of the forces which shape the contemporary art world.

This book does not assume that the character of the art world of the future can, or should, be the sole responsibility of formal art education. However, it does make significant claims for fine art education which cannot be easily reconciled with standard models of vocational training, whatever the level. These claims give fine art education a special importance in wider cultural terms and this collection of essays is designed to give its readers access to some of those wider perspectives. This book will be of interest to all those professionally involved in the teaching of fine art in higher education institutions, and to those working in other areas of fine art: artists, critics, curators and arts administrators.

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