Tal R.

Flamingo Flametti

Tal R (born 1967) has become a star of the international art scene. His artistic spectrum encompasses not only paintings, drawings and collages, but also prints, artist’s books and sculptures.

The title references Hugo Ball’s novel “Flametti”, first published in 1918. In 2013 Vienna-based Harpune Verlag reprinted the text, illustrated by Tal R, in a limited-edition artist’s book of 30 copies.

Since then, vaudeville director Max Flametti has been Tal R’s companion-in-mind – the Danish artist has created a series of collages, paintings and sculptures inspired by the character from the novel.

Now the book accompanying the extraordinary exhibition by Tal R at Nuremberg’s zumikon is finished: a total of 14 sculptures fill the darkened space in the manner of Dadaistic colportage, flanked by claustrophobic carnival and colourful comedy. The legendary Cabaret Voltaire, where Dadaism first saw the light of day some 100 years ago in Zurich, serves as the starting point.

Accompanies the exhibition “Tal R. Flamingo Flametti”, Institut für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 5.2.–2.4.2016.

English and German text.

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