Vienna Street Art Now

Graffiti and street art are often illicit and unauthorised, and occasionally deliberately commissioned; yet it’s hard to imagine an urban landscape today without them.

They attract attention in the public space and question our understanding of the way a city is shaped, and our involvement in it. But can street art, which by definition occurs outdoors, even be shown in a museum context in a way that’s credible?

Well, the planned rebuild of the Wien Museum provided an opportunity to explore these questions as part of a multifaceted project. The building itself and its premises became a creative play area for artists and visitors alike. And, for the first time, it showcased Vienna’s scene in all its diversity and ambivalence.

The works created are temporary and destined to be demolished in the course of the Museum’s revamp. What remains is this book, echoing the atmosphere on site during ‘Takeover’ and featuring 40 acclaimed protagonists and their diverse works, styles and expressions, all of which contributed hugely to the Museum’s transformation.

English and German text.

Published after the exhibition ‘TAKEOVER: STREET ART & SKATEBOARDING’ at Vienna Museum (5 June – 1 September 2019).

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