Sylvie Fleury

Known in the 1990s for her mises-en-scènes of glamour, fashion, and luxury products, Sylvie Fleury demonstrates a detailed knowledge of Pop and Minimal aesthetics.

An affirmation of the consumer society and its values at first glance, the work simultaneously offers a different reading: by blurring codes and organizing the contamination of one sphere by an other (the masculine world by the feminine, fashion by art or advertising — or perhaps the other way around), it also appears provocative and political. In that sense, Sylvie Fleury’s work reflects and anticipates her epoch just as it participates in it.

In her attempt to come to terms with the fetishistic attachment to material goods that is the defining feature of the world of fashion, Fleury then turned to magic light phenomena — colourful rooms, glossy surfaces, auras, pendulums, and crystals.

These works from the 2000s are presented together for the first time with her classic pieces from the 1990s in this reference monograph. It thus offers readers a new way to register Fleury’s contribution to the art of the last decades.

Published with Société des arts, Geneva.

English and French text.

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