Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami

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The buyers of the book become part of a process of value and value generation: Do they choose the bargain with the evaluative addition “cheap” on the cover, do they buy the book at the market price, or do they pay the honest price of its socially and ecologically fair production?

This unusual and also radical concept follows the interest of the Danish artist group SUPERFLEX in value systems and the shifting of valuations.

This illustrated book is published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami’ by SUPERFLEX at Kunsthaus Graz, Austria, in cooperation with Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, 26 Nov 2021 – 13 March 2022.

This is focusing on the instability of capitalism inherent in the speculative nature of financial markets and instruments and examines the dissolving factor of capitalist-oriented action on society.

The book places the works on display in a larger discursive context and locates them in SUPERFLEX’s artistic practice from its early works to the present.

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