State of the Art Photography

The medium of photography, once reserved for a few professionals, has become ubiquitous in our digital and globalised age. Everyone at any time – whether with mobile, webcam or digital camera – takes shots of people and their immediate environs without needing any great expertise.

In order to defy the inflationary omnipresence of the photograph in our everyday life, artists who today decide on the medium of photography have to develop new concepts. The 41 young photographers introduced in this publication convincingly show how they have found new ways in the ‘domain of photography’ to put their mind’s-eye visions into practice.

The Swiss duo, Tonk allow the camera to become part of an object; the Berliner, Maziar Moradi, devotes himself to documenting the life of immigrants in their alienated surroundings; Martin Denker helps himself to the world of gaming zones and avatars, while Olaf Otto Becker, Sanna Kannisto or Elina Brotherus transform traditional landscapes, e.g., by artificial lighting or the integration of biographical elements.

English and German text.

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